Why are fall and winter the perfect seasons for hardscaping in South Jersey?

We have 5 good reasons for you…

When you think “landscaping,” you probably think of spring and summer projects, right? The sun is warm, the ground is softer, and it’s the peak time for spring cleaning those messy mulch beds.

Because of that association, a lot of South Jersey homeowners assume that their hardscape projects need to wait until springtime too.

Well, we have some good (and possibly surprising) news for you. Your hardscaping project doesn’t need to wait until spring. In fact, fall and winter offer an ideal opportunity for installing that patio, walkway, retaining wall… Whatever’s on your wish list.

Let’s take a closer look at why.

5 reasons why you should hardscape this fall or winter

1. Quick turnaround times

Between maintenance work, new projects, estimation, and design, landscaping companies are busy all through the hotter months of the year. Largely, that’s because it’s the time of year that most people think they have to finish their project. Gotta squeeze it in that seasonal window, right? 

That means that if you plan your hardscaping project for the off season, you’ll likely get more flexible scheduling, quicker turnaround times, and sometimes more competitive pricing too. That’s a win from every angle. 

2. Easier on your lawn

Even the most conscientious landscape and hardscape companies will damage your lawn to some degree. It’s just an unavoidable part of maneuvering heavy equipment, much of which can’t use gentle turf tires. Since the ground is much harder during the colder months, there’s typically less impact, wear, and tear on your grass, especially compared to muddy spring weather. 

3. Fewer weeds to manage

Not only are there fewer weeds to work around, but we can also suppress springtime weed growth more easily. We’re not fighting against them, but preventing them altogether. That gives you a huge advantage when spring rolls around and everything begins to grow.

4. Finish your project with plenty of time to enjoy it

There’s nothing worse than finishing your patio in late summer, then not really being able to enjoy it until the following spring. If you install your hardscapes during the fall or winter, on the other hand, they’re ready to enjoy when those first warm days arrive. Your neighbors will wonder how in the world you got a hardscape company to finish your job so fast… You didn’t – you just planned ahead. 

5. The ground is easy to work with

Especially if the weather is dry, our South Jersey summers bake the ground and suck the moisture right out of it. Fall and winter are typically more rainy and damp, making the ground easier to work with during the excavation and design process. 

Have more questions about hardscaping in South Jersey?

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